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New products

Boccia ramp Athletic Profi Alu-Steel

BASHTO Athletic Profi Alu-Steel boccia ramp is light professional ramp with steel base, aluminium parts and guickrelease handles. Meeting international criteria according to BISFed. Read More

Boccia ramp Athletic Profi Lite

BASHTO Athletic Profi Lite boccia ramp is a Profi ramp with the oval-shaped opening miled into the sides. Read More

New head pointer with antenna

Boccia head-pointer: with a new functions of a pointer - there is a joint that makes it more flexible and the straps are added for to Read More
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About us

We are people dedicated to sports boccia for organizational, training, assistance and promotion.

Our goal is to popularize sport for the general public, as we believe that boccia is very beneficial to many disabled people - whether physically or mentally - from children to the elderly and is also an interesting game for healthy people.

Boccia allows to participate in a real competition - from Slovak competitions, through international tournaments to paralympics. Here you will find support for your sporting career.

We offer our own products - boccia ramps and other equipment and accessories for the boccia game. We are distributors of products - mainly boccia balls - Danish company Handi Life Sport in Slovakia.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the boccia.


Check out funny commercial spot for Bashto Boccia Ramps! :)

BASHTO Athletic Profi

BASHTO Athletic Alu-Steel

Our blog

  • Check out funny commercial spot for Bashto Boccia Ramps! :)
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  • Czech Boccia Workshop
    Czech Boccia Workshop We also participated in a boccia workshop in Czech Republic for trainers and coaches with Cheol Hyeon Kwon from South Korea. We have learned a lot of valuable information, whether of technical nature - how to prepare boccia balls on a professional level, or some interesting facts about boccia in Korea, from his personal life as a coach, BC3 assistant, or producer of boccia balls.
    Read 7 times
  • BASHTO SPORTS team triumphed at Boccia Open 2018 in Prešov
    BASHTO SPORTS team triumphed at Boccia Open 2018 in Prešov On 19th of August 2018, "Boccia OPEN - 2018" took place at the Abilympiáda compound, Masarykova 20 in Prešov, an open integrated boccia tournament of three-member teams composed of representatives of associations, companies and public administration in BOCCIA Paralympic sport. The aim of this event was to present boccia, the activities of the ZOM Prešov sports club and its training facilities, as well as the effort to inter-sectoral cooperation, knowledge…
    Read 43 times
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How to find us

About us

We are distributors of products Danish company Handi Life Sport in Slovakia that specializes in producing sports aids for the disabled, especially for sport boccia.

We are people who practice sport boccia organisationally, coaching, assistance and promotion.

Contact us

Ondrej Bašták-Ďurán

Pionierov 607

049 22 Gemerská Poloma, Slovakia


+421 949 737 543


SK29 1100 0000 0029 2790 3175